About us

About us

Our clients come first


The Corker company provides services in the field of machining and cutting on three axis CNC vertical machining center. We accept orders for milling elements which can reduce the size of 3D solids with maximum dimensions of 350x250x250 mm. Of course, we are considering the implementation of larger dimensions.

The main goal and purpose of the company is to create prototypes of machines and equipment on the basis of provided documentation or by the own design. We place ourselves in the gap where the so-called technology “Rapid prototyping” of 3D printing technology does not reflect all relevant physical properties or is too expensive.

We deal with small- and mediumseries production of elements, equipment and machines. From those components that are made on request, we can create a complete product such as a mounting device, complete punch or die, a complete tool, etc.

We provide services of designing and construction of machines’ elements based on provided documentation or pattern.

Our company designes CAD / CAM, constructs industrial robots, machines, equipment, tools, innovative assembly line, molds, dies and punching dies as well as a palette of services related to machining and cutting.

OUR CLIENTS come first !!!
We want to provide services for companies such as:

  • Services of industrial machines and equipment – reconstructing inaccessible parts
  • Manufacturers of machines and equipment – manufacturing components, prototypes
  • Manufacturers of small precisive parts, plastic and metals – molds, dies, punching dies

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